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About Us

We are an international supplier company dealing with exportation from Turkiye / Istanbul to other countries. We trace, find and supply your products with best deals according to your needs and ship to your door.Balkan countries shipments:
Maximum 12 hrs of time with our specialized vans in Balkan countries (Bulgaria, Romania & Greece). No need to travel to shopping or waiting in the que for hours with your car on the border. Focus on your life and let us do all the purchasing & shipping services for you.
Other countries (including Canada, USA, Russia & Far-East) shipments:
We use the methods 'seaway & airway' and for Europe by land. We purchase the products on our name and invoice to our customers, handle all exportation & export customs documentations and arrange delivery schedule with the method needed.

Our Service

All you need is to contact us by filling the form and tell about your demand. Our research team will get the best rates for the demanded products in 24 hrs of time. According to your volume of goods;For Balkan countries:
We load one of our 3 different sized 30 vans and directly cross the border seamlessly and right on time. Feel the joy of not facing extra costs or last minute customs fee etc.. You only pay what we declared.
For Other countries:
We use 3 different main transportation methods along with our dedicated domestic delivery services in your countries. According to your demand; after getting the best rates & completing the purchasing stage along with loading & export customs clearance, we make door deliveries or port deliveries.
please notice: the products which may not be subject to delivery are: Tabacco, drugs, e-cigarettes, pornographic products, weapons, veterinerian products and live animals.Most demanded products: Furnitures, Clothes, Home Accessories, Building materials & tools, Olive oil, Rugs, Kilims, Pillow covers, Bulk textile fabrics, Copper kitchenwares, Bearings, Porcelain accessories, Towels, Peshtemals, Bulk steel plates, Bulk copper plates, Bulk iron plates, Bulk aluminum plates, Packaged & dried food.Most demanding countries: USA, India, Russia, Malta, Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, Norway.

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